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Apartamento en Olula del Rio Almeria

The prices of this propertie include:
1. Residence card in Spain with EU space extension.
2. Purchase of the property.
3. 21% state VAT is included.
4. Mandatory annual medical insurance without co-payment
5. Repatriation insurance.
6. Home insurance
7. Damage insurance
8. The mandatory medical certificate that you do not have any diseases
9. Notary fees
10. Property registration fees
11. Immigration fees
12. Fees and visa
13. Accompaniment by a lawyer throughout the process.
14. Property registration fees
15. Accompaniment at the consulate.
16. Card issuance fees in the police.
17. Accompaniment in the police.
18. Issuance of certificate free of charge
19. Preparation of residency file.
20. Local registration registration.
21. Attorney fees
22. Property registration fees at the town hall.
23. Reserve deposit contract
24. Contract reservation taxes
25. Settlement of bank charges attached to the property

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